LONDON — Google News is saying goodbye to Spain.伦敦——谷歌新闻(Google News)将要道别西班牙。

本文摘要:LONDON — Google News is saying goodbye to Spain.伦敦——谷歌新闻(Google News)将要道别西班牙。


LONDON — Google News is saying goodbye to Spain.伦敦——谷歌新闻(Google News)将要道别西班牙。The website, which compiles headlines and summaries of news articles from various sources, will go dark in Spain on Dec. 16. Google plans to shut the site there in protest of a new law that would force the company and other news aggregators to pay Spanish publishers for the use of their content.谷歌新闻将各种来源的新闻标题和概要聚合起来,表明在网页上,这个网站将于12月16日在西班牙重开。

谷歌计划在西班牙重开该网站,是为了抗议一项新的法律。这项法律拒绝谷歌及其他新闻单体网站,为它们所用于的内容向西班牙出版商缴纳费用。The rules, which come into force in January, do not specify how much Google and others like Yahoo News would have to pay per article. But they carry a potential one-time $750,000 fine if companies do not comply with the law.上述规定将于明年1月生效,但法律条文未明确解释谷歌及雅虎新闻(Yahoo News)等网站必须为每篇文章缴纳多少费用。

但如果这些企业没遵从规定,则有可能必须重复使用交纳75万美元(约合460万元人民币)的罚款。The legislation follows similar rules in other countries, including France and Germany, that allow publishers to charge when parts of their articles are included in Google’s news aggregation. In those countries, the company has tended to come to terms with the publishers, rather than withdraw from the field. But the Spanish rule will not allow local publishers to forgo such payments.在西班牙之前,法国和德国等其他国家早已实施了类似于的法规,即当谷歌的新闻单体服务收录于了出版商文章的部分内容时,出版商有权缴纳费用。


And in the case of Spain, it is not clear what parties, if any, will benefit from the new rules.明确到西班牙的情况,尚能不确切否不会有任何一方能从新规的实行中获益。While the law is aimed at providing much-needed revenue to Spanish publishers, which are struggling to generate income from their online offerings, the loss of Google News and the traffic that it sends to local newspapers may end up hurting publishers that often rely on the company’s service to direct people to their websites. In Germany, some publishers have opted to waive their right to demand fees, rather than lose the traffic Google sends their way.这项规定目的向西班牙出版商获取急需的营收,它们目前无法从在线服务中获得收益。尽管如此,丧失谷歌新闻,以及它为当地报纸降下的流量,有可能最后还是不会伤害出版商的利益,因为后者经常依赖谷歌的服务,来把人们引领到自己的网站。

在德国,一些出版商宁可退出索要费用的权利,也不不愿丧失谷歌带给的流量。But Google’s dominance of Europe’s online world — its search business holds a market share of about 85 percent, bigger than in the United States — has European officials trying to rein it in.但谷歌在欧洲互联网行业的主导地位早已促成欧洲官员设法对其加以容许。

其搜寻业务占据大约85%的市场份额,比在美国的市场份额还大。The European antitrust authorities in Brussels asked on Thursday for more information from online mapping and travel companies as part of the European Commission’s long-running investigation into Google’s business practices. And the search engine has been struggling to cope with a European privacy ruling this year that allows people to ask that some links about themselves be removed from global search results.周四,布鲁塞尔的欧洲反垄断官员拒绝在线地图和旅行企业获取更加多信息,这是欧盟委员会(European Commission)对谷歌商业行为的长年调查的一部分。

谷歌也仍然在艰苦应付今年欧洲作出的一项隐私维护方面的判决,即人们有权拒绝在全球搜寻结果中,移除与自己有关的某些链接。Google, which reported revenue of $16.5 billion in the third quarter, said on Thursday that the Spanish law, which has been nicknamed the Google Tax, would make it too costly for the company to continue operating its local news site, although Spanish publishers’ content would still be available in its regular search results.谷歌三季度袭港1650亿美元营收。


‘‘It’s with real sadness that we’ll remove Spanish publishers from Google News, and close Google News in Spain,’’ Richard Gingras, the head of Google News, said in a blog post, adding that the search engine’s news product directed millions of readers to publishers’ websites. ‘‘As Google News itself makes no money (we do not show any advertising on the site), this new approach is simply not sustainable.’’“我们将在谷歌新闻中除去西班牙出版商的内容,并在西班牙重开谷歌新闻服务,我们回应知道很伤心,”谷歌新闻负责人理查德·金格拉斯(Richard Gingras)在一篇博客中写到。他接着回应,该搜索引擎的新闻产品不会为出版商的网站带上去数百万读者。

“因为谷歌新闻本身不赚(在这个网站上我们没展出任何广告),所以这种新的方式根本无法持续下去。”In response, Spain’s Ministry of Culture, which helped draft the new rules, said in a statement that Google’s choosing to close its local news aggregator was a ‘‘business decision’’ separate from the country’s legal process, and that news and other information would still be freely available on the Internet.作为对此,参予草拟新的规定的西班牙文化部在一份声明中回应,谷歌自由选择重开在当地的新闻单体服务归属于“商业决策”,与该国的法律程序牵涉到,并且人们仍然可以免费在互联网上提供新闻和其他信息。As part of Google’s decision to shut Google News in Spain, which is the first time the company has taken down its aggregator service for legal reasons, it will also remove all Spanish publishers, including El País, from its global news aggregating products.在西班牙重开谷歌新闻服务的同时,谷歌还要求从其全球新闻单体产品中除去所有西班牙出版商的内容,还包括《国家报》(El País)。

这是谷歌首次因法律原因重开单体服务。In total, Google News in Spain receives about 3.5 million visitors a month, making it the 226th most-visited site in the country, according to SimilarWeb, a digital measurement company. That compares with more than 250 million monthly visitors in the United States, where Google News is the 30th most-visited website.在线统计资料公司SimilarWeb的数据表明,西班牙的谷歌新闻每月不会有大约350万参观者,是该国访问量名列226位的网站。而在美国,谷歌新闻的月参观者数多达2.5亿,访问量位列第30位。Although the Spanish law is aimed solely at online news aggregators, changes in how people use technology may soon make the rules redundant.尽管西班牙那项法律针对的只是在线新闻单体服务,但随着人们用于技术的方式再次发生转变,涉及规定有可能迅速就不会变得多此一举。

That is because individuals, many of whom rely on smartphones to surf the web, are increasingly finding news content through online searches and social media posts, not aggregation sites.这是因为,个人用户于是以更加多地通过在线搜寻和社交媒体上的帖子,而非单体网站来提供新闻内容。他们中的许多人依赖智能手机网际网路。The Spanish newspaper El Mundo, for example, receives just 1.3 percent of its monthly traffic from Google News, compared with 34 percent from search engine queries, according to SimilarWeb. In contrast, the news agency Reuters still relies on news aggregators for about 44 percent of its Internet traffic in the United States.比如,SimilarWeb的数据表明,西班牙《世界报》(El Mundo)每月通过谷歌新闻取得的流量仅有占到1.3%,而通过搜寻取得的流量比例却低约34%。与之构成对比的是,在美国,路透社(Reuters)仍然有约44%的网络流量依赖新闻单体器。

For some publishers, however, Google News still plays an important role in how people consume digital content.不过对部分出版商而言,谷歌新闻对于人们消费数字内容的方式,依然起着最重要的起到。After Germany passed rules that permitted publishers to charge aggregating sites when their articles appeared online, Google removed many German organizations from its news product, which led to a drastic fall in online traffic to some newspapers’ sites.在德国通过法律容许出版商在其文章经常出现在网络上时,向单体网站收费之后,谷歌从其新闻产品中移除了许多德国新闻机构的内容,造成部分报纸的网站流量锐减。Axel Springer, which has talked openly about Google’s dominance, experienced a 40 percent decline in traffic coming from Google’s search results and an 80 percent drop in traffic from Google News, according to Mathias Dpfner, Axel Springer’s chief executive.阿克塞尔·斯普林格(Axel Springer)曾公开发表辩论过谷歌的主导地位。该公司的首席执行官玛蒂亚斯·德普夫纳(Mathias Dpfner)回应,谷歌搜寻结果带给的流量增加了40%,谷歌新闻带给的流量增加了80%。

Mr. Dpfner said that Axel Springer would have ‘‘shot ourselves out of the market’’ if the company had continued demanding that news aggregating sites pay a licensing fee for its content.德普夫纳称之为,如果斯普林格之后拒绝新闻单体网站为其内容缴纳许可酬劳,公司早已“把自己赶出有市场了”。Google has faced similar challenges with French and Belgian publishers, but eventually reached an agreement with local newspapers, which includes the creation of $74 million fund to help French publishers with their digital operations.在法国和比利时的出版商面前,谷歌也遭遇了类似于的挑战,但它最后与当地的报纸达成协议了一项协议,内容还包括成立一项7400万美元的基金,以便为法国出版商的数字业务获取协助。



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